Never a Dull Moment in Creatures 1

Growing Up in the Albian KitchenThe two youngest Norns in my Creatures 1 world bonded right away, and they looked like they weren’t going anywhere! Hansonii was thrilled to have a little friend to play with. Iridollae was still just a baby and had to put in a lot of work to keep up with her companion, yet they worked it out. It certainly helped that Hansonii was content to stay right around the incubator and kitchen. However, even with her drives satisfied, Iridollae was still prone to frowning more often than the others. Perhaps she just needed a little more time to adjust to her surroundings, and a very attentive friend! They had plenty of time to get to know each other and explore Albia.

More Adventures Beneath the Albian SeaIn my experience, there are some Norns and Grendels who end up spending a whole lot of time in a particular vehicle. Bolanderi and Pentlandii seemed to find their calling as underwater adventurers aboard the submarine! That little Grendel was still sporting a signature pose where he was almost completely hidden. Bolanderi was unrecognizable for a moment, since he had gone through a growth spurt and grown a snowy white beard! It’s amazing how quickly these Norns and Grendels grow up. We were already on the verge of another generation, and I still had plenty of eggs to hatch in order to complete this group. S much planning, yet it was all worth it.

A Norn Leading a Grendel and a Sudden Change in LeadingFrom a seemingly long time ago, Auratum and Jucunda had never gotten very close. They were the first Creatures born in this generation, yet they had very different personalities. Auratum managed to take charge and lead both Jucunda and Candidum back towards the garden… She also set a fantastic example when she ate a weed, thus leading the other two to follow suit. Never trust a Norn to be a particularly good role model! Jucunda decided to take over as the leader as she headed out of the garden. Auratum humored her and followed along. Friends?

What to Do When a Creatures 1 Lift ApproachesAnd what of Candidum? She tried to enjoy the garden, yet she quickly snuck off to play around with the lifts! She was quite smart and demonstrated the proper way to shut one’s eyes when a lift approaches… Or maybe she could have just taken a step back? Ha! She was having a fantastic time on her own. At a little under 50 minutes old, she was going through the anomaly of slightly faster aging. Yet she seemed much more interested in lifts and toys than starting a family. I was completely behind that decision! At least I was finally ready to hatch another egg. I did promise to go through this generation just a tad quicker, and hopefully that’s happening! I’m still very much attached to these Norns and Grendels, though, and this seems to be working. Expect to welcome another new baby shortly!

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