Into the Blue Abyss with the Geats

All was well in my Docking Station world, where my Geats had made the successful transition to a new world. There were a few elements I added in, mostly to test them out without worrying too much about functionality. Nisil decided to investigate one of Grendel Man’s Offline Warp Portals. The blue swirl was difficult to resist! I installed a pair of these within the Banshee Bridge to add a new method of transportation between the first and third floors. They worked like a charm! Nisil warped not once, but twice, heedless of the risks of split atoms. I supposed her logic was that if she survived one trip to the other side, it was deemed a safe apparatus! I watched Nisil as she peered into the swirling abyss. Could she see through to the other side?

In actuality, it was just my imagination! Yet Alumel was perched on the other side, apparently wondering what this strange object was. She was still a young Geat, yet she had enough curiosity for the entire population! Nisil soon grew tired of the portal and went onto more important business. Alumel was intrigued when she saw a Geat materialize in front of her. Thus began her obsession with traveling by portal! It was fairly healthy, since she was intelligent enough to eat a few bites and take a nap for a few moments. Had anyone else been present, they might have attempted to follow suit. As it was, Alumel was on her own and made her own form of entertainment. I couldn’t fault her: It must have been exciting to teleport back and forth!

It was during a short exploratory mission that I discovered a problem with the metaroom, at least for my Colortrue Gaius. Alumel attempted to walk through this hallway, only she was too tall. Try as she might, there was no way she could squeeze through. Geats are a uniquely tall breed, and they come with challenges like these. I used Amaikokonut’s Magic Words Room Edits to create a solid wall that would at least deter my Geats from trying to walk into the small space. Not a perfect solution, but Alumel left once she realized she was getting nowhere! That means one area of the metaroom can only be accessed via the portal.

With the non-crisis averted, I got back to enjoying the sea of colorful Geats go about their lives. The newest babies were growing up quickly, yet there was a good 10-20 minute break between the next pregnancy. Apparently Nisil decided that male Geats were more intriguing than the portal! Who was the father? Galfenol and Tombac have similar coloring, but perhaps the hatched egg will answer that question! Although I made a few minor changes to Ghosthande’s original Geat genome, the breeding rate was something that should have been similar to the breeding rate of Norns. As much as I loved seeing the unique colors, I was much happier with this slow pace. At least for me, nothing spoils a world so much as a population explosion that never slows down. I was glad that these Geats picked up my thoughts!

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