The Ugly Remnants of a Contagion

The Kiss of Love Between NornsEveryone had the opportunity to watch a bit of life or death action in my world recently. My Norns and Grendels seemed a little disappointed that they weren’t going to star in another video right away, but Brekennion and Hybralvao rewarded me with a surprise! She was a very loyal Norn to Hleengar, yet Norns can never be expected to stay with a single partner their entire lives. Mayth and Pathun were nearby to celebrate the upcoming egg!

The Coughing Dance in Creatures 1Even though there were no obvious remnants from the contagious illness that affected Brekennion and Losthrayte, I soon found little Pathun stuck in the coughing dance. Antigen 6 hung on somehow and found its next victim. The bad news was that Pathun was in a group when he became contagious. Isolating a Norn within a few seconds is no easy task, and I was not completely successful. The pregnant Hybralvao and Mayth remained healthy, but Brekennion caught another unlucky break! How frustrated I was with another illness, especially a contagious one.

An Impatient Grendel Awaiting Her FriendsNildeleer had been wandering around aimlessly, and found herself in the little group of Norns in the underground area. Unfortunately, her eagerness to be with others led her to push the lift button at the wrong time. The sound of a Grendel coughing is not always easy to pick up, as it doesn’t exactly sound like a cough. Yet I knew Nildeleer caught the illness, too, so I was working with three contagious and under-the-weather Creatures. Thankfully, Brekennion’s recent encounter with an antigen allowed him to recover very quickly. Pathun required some special care with plenty of carrots, but he was fine in the end!

A Bright Norn Egg Safe from All DangersNildeleer remained very independent during her illness, and was soon on the road to recovery without much intervention. Hybralvao was very lucky to stay completely healthy with all of the coughing! She did, however, take a little longer than usual to lay her egg. When she did, she tucked it away near the harp and drum where her third baby would remain safe from all of the dangers in the world. It would be a very different story if Creatures 1 eggs could catch illnesses or become damaged. There were enough problems to worry about, though, and it was nice to know that these tiny treasures would always remain safe! Which reminded me that we were just about ready for a new hatchling…

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