Quiet and Peaceful: The Dignified Death of a Norn

Passing Away Quietly in Creatures 1Many of my Creatures 1 Norns were in their twilight hour of life, so I felt rather prepared for the inevitable. Of course, when it actually happened, I was still very sad. Brekennion and Losthrayte became traveling companions, yet he quietly moved off on his own so she would be spared from his last moment. He lived for 11 hours and 51 minutes, which was nearly two hours longer than anyone else from this generation. He was a friend to all, as was evidenced by his brood of ten unhatched children! I was going to miss Brekennion, yet I felt like he had lived a happy and fulfilling life.

Confirming the Cause of Death in AlbiaI was almost positive that Brekennion passed away from old age, yet he was stationed right next to the deathcap mushroom. Time to break out the Creatures Editor 32! On that subject, Malkin kindly informed me about a radiation chamber that was added onto the program. Unfortunately, that download seems to have been completely lost. I even managed to get in contact with Daniel Silverstone (Kinnison), yet CrEd32 is only available in its old download forms. Feel free to post if you have a copy of the program that includes the radiation chamber! Back on the subject of Brekennion, the autopsy feature confirmed that there was no glycotoxin in his system. He was actually in pretty good health when he passed on, evidenced by his low drives and high glycogen. It was a simple case of aging. Rest in peace, dear Brekennion.

A New Life in the Wake of a Lost LifeOut of the loss of one Norn came the almost immediate pregnancy of Pfeffablel. She and Preetar had stuck together very closely, and it was no surprise when she was beaming with the happy news! She had herself a spinning top and a tiny carrot seedling to hang onto as comfort during her pregnancy. Preetar and Dahloi were shooed away so I could make sure she was eating properly. They eventually came back to join her in all the joy. It looked like those three were going to stay on the island for a very long time, which was fine by me!

Sudden Norn GrowthThe youngest member of the group was Zelroo, whose tiny frame made me happy to see her. However, time ticked onwards and suddenly she went through her major growth spurt from childhood into adolescence! Losthrayte was even more surprised, since her shrunken head made her look very different in comparison. This meant that there were no longer any young Norns in Albia, and there wouldn’t be until the next generation. This generation was one of my favorites yet, and I hated to see it start winding down. Life goes on, though, and there was plenty more of it to observe and enjoy!

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