The Perils of C3/DS Life in Artemiidae

A Rather Joyful Artemia GrendelThe lives of the Norns and Grendels and Artemiidae have been quite fun to follow in the video updates! The last chapter saw a rather dangerous situation brewing for one Norn, and it’s time to find out what happened! I’m having a lot of fun creating these videos, although there will likely be gaps between chapters from time to time. I’m sure many people, including myself, are anxious to meet some of the babies. There are more than enough to make the next generation a large one! None have been hatched yet since I’m trying to keep parents separate from their children.

The Trials of an Oblivious Norn in Creatures Docking StationStep into this underwater world and enjoy the continuing saga! Some Norns have entered old age, so it could be one of the last opportunities to see them. Of much more interest is what happened to Pale Cyematidae in the Past Seas… Banshee Hydrolisks aren’t the best choice of friends for a Norn! Sometimes I forget how very different this C3/DS world is, especially since there are no land-dwelling Creatures. Perhaps these chapters will even pique your interest in the aquatic side of the game! Settle in for a not-too-lengthy chapter, and see what happened! Additional chapters will be coming out soon, hopefully with intriguing and suspenseful stories to tell. Or, we can just laugh at the way Norns always are: Stubborn and silly!

Creatures of Artemiidae: Chapter 4

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