A Strange Sight in the Albian Sky

Keeping an Eye on Something New for Discover AlbiaThe Creatures 1 telescope picked up on a strange sight in the sky. Whatever could it mean? Something is brewing on the horizon for Discover Albia, and its release is getting closer and closer! Perhaps it’s a recent project, something I put on hold, or a brand new surprise. This is the first of a handful of clues, but this is the only one that will be made obvious. The rest will be hidden in some upcoming posts. Can you gather them all? There might be a little something extra for those who unravel the mystery in time. Keep your eyes open!

Looking Out for Creatures CluesThe wait for this surprise isn’t too long, thankfully! The unveiling will happen sometime next month, in June 2016. Feel free to take guesses or chat about it, but expect only cryptic responses from me! I’m excited about this, and figured it would be nice to drum up a little suspense. I still have plenty of work ahead, yet this is also a way to keep myself on track. This is a lovely little community that we have! In the meantime, there are plenty of other projects I’ll also be working on. Multitasking, here I come! My Creatures 1 world has plenty to offer, and the updated C1 honey is on the list. That might even be the surprise… Stay tuned for more clues and announcements, and enjoy playing Creatures in the meantime!

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