More Cheekiness and Laughter in Albia

Silly Norn Antics in Creatures 1I’m convinced that this is one of the funniest generations of Norns and Grendels I’ve encountered in a long time! All of my past Creatures have been memorable, yet I don’t think I’ve laughed more with so few living in Albia. Bolanderi had narrowly missed meeting the only Grendel, Jucunda, when he played in the lift. When they did meet, she was fast asleep and he had no time to wait! Quick as a flash, he darted off with a grin on his face. It looked like Jucunda was going to be a little lonely. And Bolanderi was clearly ready to race anyone who showed up! Those tiny legs carried him far and he was still just a baby Norn. I could just imagine the places he would go as he grew.

How to Lose a Norn Foot in the Albian CavernsAuratum missed out on her first attempt at an adventure due to a necessary nap. She was thrilled to be on the other side of the underground tunnel… Again! She struck up another pose that reminded me of her camouflage lesson, and I also had to step back and realize how quickly she was growing up. I did promise to move things along in this generation, though, and time always marches forward. Auratum looked like she would have a difficult time keeping up, what with her foot that went missing. No worries: She was just tapping it, and it was one very flexible appendage! More importantly, she was eating on her own and sleeping quite regularly. Such an independent Norn, which was wonderful!

Welcoming a New Grendel to the Sixth Generation in Creatures 1As I hinted at, it wasn’t fair to keep a single Grendel in the world for too long. Meet Pentlandii! This happy guy comes from a first generation genome with almost no modifications, aside from pigments skewed towards the blue side of the spectrum. He isn’t bright blue by any means, yet he should appear a little bluer and purpler than the standard male Grendel. Just a little way to make him a little extra special! Pentlandii hatched and took some time getting accustomed to his surroundings. He was bursting with joy, though, and it didn’t take much to introduce him to the wonders of food. The honey made for an amazing first meal!

One Grendel and His Unique Learning MethodIf there was any question about Pentlandii’s blending in without a special character trait, there wasn’t any doubt when we got to the learning machine! Jucunda grew attached to the computer, but this little fellow found a new method. He just plopped himself down in the lift and let me do all the work. Talk about distance learning! Again, I found myself smiling over this silliness. Eventually Pentlandii grew curious enough to waltz over, but only for a few words!

Waiting for the Surprise of a LifetimeWith Pentlandii occupied with some food and toys, I headed off in search of the Norns. Surprisingly, Auratum was done with her adventure and was waiting for the lift in the temple area. Either she really couldn’t find anything interesting on the other side, or she was just a really big fan of those cart rides! She exuded freedom and independence, which made me wonder if she would ever find a friend. Jucunda hadn’t been a bad companion, yet the two didn’t seem very suited to one another. Luckily, there was a surprise traveling in that lift, and Auratum was about to meet someone brand new…

Watching Norns Grow Up and Move On in Creatures 1Bolanderi appeared out of nowhere, back at it with the lift! He was still quite preoccupied with the buttons, but Auratum was ecstatic. She saw the hand pass by and said my name, almost to tell me to look at what she had found. Perhaps she found it comical how tiny this Norn was in comparison to her! This initial meeting looked promising, especially since they were both prone to traveling around. Bolanderi was also quite the intelligent one, for he stopped the lift every now and again to eat an herb and satisfy his hunger!

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