The Young and the Restful Creatures

The Art of Teaching the Idea of Sleeping in CreaturesAt the risk of sounding like even more of a broken record, my Creatures 1 world was shaping up to be one sleepy place! The youngest member of the bunch, Pentlandii, had just finished up his language lesson and first encounter with food when I left him. It took him about a minute to take his first nap! As boring as a sleeping Norn or Grendel may seem, this is a vital part of the learning process. Believe me, they have plenty of exciting things to do as they grow up! Yet seeing this behavior early on means a lower risk of stress and, ultimately, a longer potential life span. Sleep on!

A Little Bit of Everything in one Creatures 1 SceneAuratum was still unable to contain her happiness over her encounter with another Norn. What could she do? Run around, of course! Bolanderi looked on rather quizzically. This was one energetic Norn, and he was already tired from his early exploration. He was the only one who had not picked up on the merits of sleeping, and I could almost sense his exhaustion. Jucunda, the Grendel, was still trying to make heads or tails of these strange Norns. I hoped that her first meeting with Pentlandii would turn out to be a good one.

Running All Over Creatures 1Suddenly, the friendly atmosphere took a bit of a turn. Bolanderi spooked at something and ran away. His sad face told me all about how tired he was, and that he needed to find a place to rest on his own. Jucunda was rather confused and announced that she was going to run, yet she ended up laying down for a rest. I supposed she was just daydreaming! It turned out that Bolanderi was running away from the gadget. It is kind of scary for a small Norn!

A Norn and the Joy of Running on a Moving CartSomeone disappeared, and I was at a loss for words. Auratum had already made several trips via the underground cart… She ran right onto it again, and decided to try her luck with running on a moving vehicle! Lucky for her that Norns can’t actually fall off. There must have been something that piqued her interest, and I hadn’t a clue what it was. Still, she was one happy traveler and I wasn’t about to question her motives! Previously, I labeled this area as pretty boring since each side of the tunnel is usually pretty empty. Shuttling in a food item every now and then turned it into a really nice place! Auratum was the only one brave enough to travel across the murky waters. I hoped that she would convince a few others to join her one day. Speaking of which, I anxiously eyed the next genome and an egg that was ready to hatch…

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